Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Macau (2016, August 6 – 14)

 Hello! I would like to share about my trip to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Macau. In fact, we stayed in Hong Kong, but we went to Macau and Shenzhen too. So this is 3 in 1 trip HAHA.

I went there with my best friends, Tanissa and Alamanda. Yes, 3 of us!

So, I would like to share my traveling schedule, what I was doing there, and how to use the public transportations. So, I hope it will be helpful for you guys who want go there and arrange the schedule by yourself.

Day 1 (6 Agustus 2016)

Today is our departure to Hong Kong. We go there with flight which has this slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Of course you guys know what flight that I am using. Yes, you guys are right. AIR ASIA. Hehehe. First, we flight from Jakarta (CGK) and transit in KLIA 2 for 11 hours. Because the flight from Terminal 3 Jakarta is 06.45 PM so we stay overnight in KLIA 2. Hahaha this is my first time, having sleep in airport for 11 hours. Okay. I thinkk I never forget this experience.

The condition in KLIA 2 is quite not comfortable because there is no LARGE sofa hahaha or long chair so we can recumbent our body there. Hmmm they just have a single chair (have a barrier) and little sofa.

But, because I am a typical person who takes it easy to sleep, so I sleep on the floor of this beautiful airport….. Luckily, I have a blanket.

This is the KLIA 2 airport. As we know that KLIA 2 airport has been renovated and not only for AIR ASIA flight.


And before we go for sleep, we had dinner at 2nd floor of this airport. There are a lot of choices like BK, Mcd, Yongtaufu, Toast Box, The Taste of India, etc and we chose french fries and oniong ring at Burger King. Even though this airport is not big as KLIA 1, but it’s look more beautiful after renovation.

Day 2 (7 Agustus 2016)

Our flight to HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport) departure at 08.45 AM. A trip is taken about 4 hours. We decide to have a breakfast first in the airport because we are going to arrived at 1 PM and directly go to our hostel.

When we arrived, we have an immigration process before we leave the airport. Butttt, unfortunately, they don’t stamp our passport but only give us a small paper like a bill in the restaurant. How pitty I am because I am happy to collect immigration stamp from other countries. This is because the new rule that has been assigned by the government since 2013.

The first thing that we do after left the airport is buy an Octopus Card and local simcard.

We can say that Octopus Card it’s like an Ezlink Card in Singapore which usually use to pay public transportations, pay some foods in Sevel or others. So I recommend you to buy this “angel” card. The price is HKD 150 : the deposit is HKD 50 and the balance is HKD 100. The deposit and the rest of your balance can be returned to you after your trip. But wait, about the deposit, it return to you only HKD 41 and the HKD 9 is singed. It’s like a cost for using that card during your trip.

This Octopus Card can be bought at the airport, it’s easy to find that counter which sell the Octopus Card. If you hard to find that, just simply ask to the information center.

The local simcard. You can bought at the airport and you ought to buy it at the airport because if you stray during your trip to the hostel, you are safe because your mobile can be used to find the right way. In airport, let’s find the store called 1010 to buy that useful local simcard.

In that store, they offer many options for local simcard. They offer based on how many days we stay in Hong Kong and whether we will go to Macau/China (Shenzhen) or not. It is all up to you, you can choose based on your need. We only buy 1 simcard and can share it by using personal hotspot #economicaltraveler.

And we take some brochures and maps at the information center, perhaps it will be useful for our trip. That’s right, from that brochures, we know about the 3D Show in Tsim Sha Tsui that only available on August and December. It coincide with our trip on August, so we can go there.

After that, we go to our hostel in Kowloon and it is very very near from MTR Austin Station. We reserved that hostel via Airbnb (it is useful for you guys who wanna look for cheap hostel). The host of the hostel give us an information about how to going there from airport, and she gave a very clearly guidance. I really appreciate it. She gave us an information very detail, like which door that we should open at that apartment, which bus should we take, etc.

Andddd I wanna give you an information. This is important. From airport to city, you can use graded city bus or Airport Express Train. The graded city bus is cheaper than Airport Express Train twice. It is about HKD 39/person. But well, price never lies. Airport Express Train also faster than city bus twice. Hahaha. So it is up to you.

If you wanna go to Kowloon, you can use city bus A22.

As the guidance given, when we arrived at Shanghai street, we should walk back from that street. But, because a little bit confusing, a woman ask us where will we go. Maybe because our face is like lost traveler. So because of that woman, we finally arrived hahaha thanks madam.

Finallyyyy we arrived and evidently, that apartment is not far but it feels far because we bring our suitcase. Hehe. We take time to rest and have a bath.

At the evening, we go out from the hostel and visit the Temple Night Market, only walking 10 minutes from our hostel. We also walk around Nathan Rd which has stores for shopping. Anddd we don’t forget for looking dinner there.


Because this is our first day and we need more sleep, we decide to go back to hostel at 09.3o PM. While walking back to the hostel, we find supermarket and buy some fruits, snacks, and drink. Anddddd after that, we forget which way we go back to the hostel even though it is very near from our hostel, but we even don’t know where it is. Google Maps don’t work properly during that -____-. Oh no, we cannot count on it. The three of us don’t know the direction clearly. Yes, luckily, Google Maps shows the right direction. OMG that supermarket is very close to our hostel but we reversed from the direction. Yaaaa please understand us ya because this is our first day in Hong Kong.

Day 3 – Lantau Island (8 Agustus 2016)


Today we are going to Lantau Island! An island on the left side if you look on the map above. Hong Kong is divided into 4 regions. There are Lantau Island, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories.

We take the MTR from Austin Station with direction to Tuen Mun Station and transit at Nam Cheong Station (Purple Line) and after that move to orange line and go to Tung Chung Station.

This Tung Chung Station is very near from Citygates Outlet. One of the shopping place in Hong Kong. People said that there is so many discount. But we decide to go to Ngong Ping Village first (tourist attraction).

There are two ways to get to Ngong Ping Village from Tung Chung MTR Station. First, we can go there by cable car crystal cabin or cable car standard cabin. The difference only at the bottom side of the cabin. Crystal cabin has transparant at the bottom side. Second, we can go by bus number 23. We decide to go there by bus and get back by using Cable Car Crystal Cabin. The ticket price of Cabel Car Crystal Cabin is more expensive than Standard Cabin. It cost HKD 186.

For your note : Bus terminal to go to Ngong Ping is different with city bus halte. You should ask people there.

A trip from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping takes a little bit long time and winding streets. Then we go to Big Buddha and ascend 268 stairs. The ticket price is HKD 38 including lunch, snacks, and drinks. The lunch is vegetarian style. The food contains 2 snacks, 1 portion of bihun, and 1 glass of hot tea.

Evidently, when we are looking for the station of cable car, we find another side of Ngong Ping Village that we haven’t seen before because we got here by bus. There are a lot of stores and foods. Feel excited to walk around here.



In this cable car, we are very lucky because only 4 persons inside, not too much people so we can enjoy the views outside. The views are good, we can see HKIA from above yuhuy!

After that, we go to Citygates Outlet then have dinner there at the foodcourt on the top level of Citygates Outlet. The foods are delicious and have a big portion.

About 4 PM, we wanna try to go to Disneyland, just look the outside part of Disneyland. So we go to Sunny Bay MTR Station and use Disneyland Train which have Disney characters ornaments inside.

After that we go to Argyle Street (near Mong Kok MTR Station) “a heaven place for shopping in Hong Kong”. From Mong Kok MTR Station you choose Exit D. There is no photo for Argyle Street because I am just too lazy to take a picture. Hahaha because of happy shopping 😛

Day 4 – Hong Kong Island (9 Agustus 2016)

Today our trip is to Hong Kong Island, it is like modern part of Hong Kong, hmmmm perharps you can say that it is the CBD (Central Business Disctrict) of Hong Kong. First, we go to The Peak Victoria. To get there, we use tram! It feels exicting. Not only by using tram, you can use bus if you want. But I choose to go there by tram. There is a promo for the price of that ticket, it’s HKD 83 for round trip tram and for having fun in The Peak haha.

Untuk menuju ke tempat Peak Tram nya itu keluar dari MTR Central exit J2, terus ikutin aja petunjuk yang ada di perempatan jalan, itu ngebantu banget buat menuju kesana, perjalanannya sekitar 10 menit kalo jalan kaki.

Pembayaran tram bisa menggunakan Octopus Card kalo ga mau ngantri buat dapetin tiketnya. Perjalanan menggunakan tram asik juga, dan nunggu tramnya ga begitu lama kok, untuk jalan menuju The Peak nya itu menempuh perjalanan sekitar 20 menit. Tapi ga kerasa soalnya bisa ngeliat pemandangan di sekitar yang keren karena dari ketinggian.

Sampailah kita di Sky Terrace 428, di dalemnya banyak tempat makan dan belanja, termasuk souvenir, tapi pasti lebih mahal daripada di pasar kayak Ladies Market sih.


Waktu kita ngeliat pemandangan Hong Kong dari atas ga begitu lama, soalnya uda mulai mendung dan uda mau hujan gitu, mungkin sekitar 15-20 menit doang kita ada di atas kemudian kita turun dan nunggu hujan reda sambil duduk – duduk, terus setelah ujan agak reda, kita nyebrang ke Gallery Victoria, ya sejenis mall nya sih.

Setelah hujan bener bener reda, kita balik lagi menggunakan tram ke bawah, eh sampe di bawah ternyata masih hujan, tapi akhirnya kita tembus ajah ke MTR Central, dan di deket situ ada gedung – gedung yang bisa kita pakai buat foto – foto dan duduk berteduh sejenak.

Pada malam harinya, kita ke daerah Central lagi untuk pergi ke Soho dimana disitu ada Central Mid Level Escalator, escalator yang panjang banget dan menghubungkan banyak jalan yang disampingnya banyak apartemen juga. Untuk mencapai kesana, kita ke MTR Central exit B dan seudah keluar, ikutin petunjuk ajah yang ada di perempatan jalan. Kita jalan – jalan di daerah situ dan mampir sebentar ke supermarket buat liat – liat dan jajan dikit hehehe. Setelah puas berjalan – jalan di sekitar Central, kita memutuskan untuk pergi lagi ke Argyle Street. Akhirnya kita pun ke MTR Mong Kok exit D lagi. Gua juga baru tau ternyata Ladies Market itu ada di Tung Choi street yang sangat dekat dengan Argyle Street, pasti lewat sih dan ada petunjuknya di perempatan jalan hehehe.

Oh ya sedikit tips kalo mau belanja di Ladies Market. Ladies Market ini menjual banyak banget macem barangnya, ada tas, boneka, souvenir, casing hp, dll pokoknya banyak. Tipsnya nih kalo mau belanja disini harus serius, kalo emang lu mau beli sesuatu, ya harus serius, disarankan jangan cuma buat sekedar tanya doang, karena ntar kalo ga jadi beli, penjualnya bakalan ngejar terus kemanapun lu pergi. Serem.

Dan kalo emang serius mau memiliki barang itu, tawar aja serendah rendahnya, karena emang sengaja dimahalin terus uda gitu dia turunin harga nya banget – banget. Jadi gausah ragu buat turunin 60% dari harga atau bahkan 70% hahaha biar ada titik temunya gitu.

Terus di sekitar Argyle Street ini banyak banget yang jual baju murah, tapi sayangnya ga bisa fitting, jadi ya kira – kira sendiri aja ini cocok atau gak.

Setelah cape berkeliling di Argyle Street akhirnya kita balik ke hostel dan turun di MTR Jordan dan harus jalan kaki 10 menit ke hostel.

Day 5 – Festival Walk and Tsim Sha Tsui (10 Agustus 2016)

Hari ini seharusnya kita itu pergi ke Macau, tapi ternyata ketika keluar dari hostel, hujan besar dan bikin ga mood kalo ke Macau hujan – hujanan. Jadi kita nunggu hujan reda dan setelah hujan reda kita pergi ke Festival Walk (Exit MTR Kowloon Bay). Festival Walk itu salah satu mall yang ada di Hong Kong dan di dept. storenya banyak yang jualan barang lucu – lucu juga. Setelah itu kita ke Tsim Sha Tsui (MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Exit J2), tapi kita ga bisa ke Avenue of Stars karena lagi ada renovasi untuk beberapa waktu. Tapi kita mau liat pemandangan Central dari Victoria Harbour. Pemandangan yang ada disitu itu ada pemandangan gedung – gedung dari Central yang pada pukul 20.00 memainkan lampu sorot (A Symphony of Lights).

Mengingat dari brosur informasi untuk turis, katanya di sekitar situ juga lagi ada 3D Night Show. Ternyata bener, sesudah A Symphony of Lights, disitu juga ada 3D Night Show. Jadi 3D Night Show ini permainan gambar 3D dari layar dan ada DJ yang ikut meramaikan suasana. Untuk menikmati ini, ga perlu bayar tiket. Free. Yap, lumayan untuk show gratisan bisa dibilang oke lah.


Day 6 – Macau (11 Agustus 2016)

Hari ini kita ke Macau, ujan atau ga ujan harus tetep ke Macau. Nah, ada dua pelabuhan untuk ke Macau yaitu dari Kowloon dan dari Hong Kong Island (MTR Sheung Wan). Karena waktu diliat di Google Maps itu Pelabuhan Kowloon (Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal) itu katanya deket banget sama hostel, akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk jalan kaki saja deh. Tapi kali itu wifi agak mengalami gangguan, akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk berangkat dari Sheung Wan karena bisa naik MTR. Yaaa emang sih jauh lagi, tapi ya itu, karena ga tau jalannya. Dari MTR Sheung Wan exit D. Jadi pelabuhannya ada di dalam mall.

Pada saat membeli tiket, beli saja langsung tiket pulangnya. Kami membeli tiket pulang pada pukul 22.05 untuk tujuan ke Kowloon. Harga round trip ini HKD 353 per orangnya.

Pilihan kapal ferry untuk ke Macau itu ada dua, bisa naik Turbo Jet dan bisa juga naik Cotai Jet, perbedaannya adalah tujuan pelabuhan akhir di Macau. Kalo Turbo Jet itu tujuan akhirnya di Macau Ferry Terminal (Maritimo), sedangkan untuk Cotai Jet itu tujuan akhirnya di Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal.

Mata uang di Macau bisa menggunakan HKD atau pun MOP, jadi 1 HKD = 1 MOP. Jadi HKD kita tetep berlaku disini.

Untuk transportasi ga banyak menghabiskan uang, bahkan kita ga menghabiskan sepeser pun karena transportasi disini banyak didukung oleh hotel – hotel dan casino yang ada di Macau. Jadi mereka menyediakan free shuttle ke berbagai tujuan tinggal perhatiin aja tujuannya kemana, ada yang ke airport, pelabuhan, dan bahkan wisata tertentu.

Sampai di Macau, kita langsung mengantri untuk naik shuttle bus yang disediakan oleh The Venetian Hotel, karena kita mau kesana. Untuk mengantri shuttle bus ini, dari keluar pelabuhan lalu kita seperti menyebrang melalui terowongan dan ada eskalatornya. Perjalanan menuju The Venetian Hotel sebentar kok, kurang dari 30 menit. Sampai di The Venetian, kita mencari makan siang dan ga rekomendasi banget sih buat makan disini, mungkin karena salah pesan makanan atau gimana kali ya, jadi makanan yang kami makan itu kurang enak, mahal pula. Tapi yasudahlah.

Setelah dari The Venetian, kita menuju ke St. Paul. Reruntuhan gereja St. Paul. Ya itu. Baca – baca dari sumber blog, katanya bisa free naik shuttle nya City of Dreams. Akhirnya setelah menyebrang dari Venetian menuju City of Dreams, kita menanyakan kepada penjaga di City of Dreams, dimana tempat shuttlenya dan kalo kita ingin menuju ke St. Paul itu bagaimana.

Akhirnya kita ditunjukkan tempat shuttle busnya, ternyata lumayan jauh juga, tapi penjaga hotel memberikan petunjuk yang lumayan baik. Jadi intinya, free shuttle busnya itu ada di lantai paling bawah City of Dreams. Pokoknya harus banyak tanya deh pokoknya ya. Kita menggunakan free shuttle menuju Hotel Sintra dan setelah menunggu shuttle yang lumayan lama, akhirnya kita sampai di sebuah perempatan dan kita ga tau Hotel Sintranya dimana hahaha. Kita cuma liat Grand Lisboa aja. Setelah itu kita nanya sama orang sekitar dan mereka kasih petunjuk ke St. Paul, ga begitu jauh tempatnya. Jalan kaki sekitar 15 menit dan di sekitar situ banyak makanan dan tempat belanja. Ikutin petunjuk yang ada di perempatan jalan juga ya karena cukup membantu. Di sekitar jalan kecil menuju St. Paul, ada banyak yang menjual Egg Tart ala Portugis gitu yang wajib dicoba karena enak banget.

Setelah bersantai, duduk – duduk, dan mengabadikan momen di St. Paul kita pun menaikki shuttle ke City of Dreams lagi dan menikmati pemandangan di sekitar City of Dreams dan sekitarnya. Setelah itu kita memutuskan ke The Venetian dan menggunakan shuttle yang ada disana. Akhirnya kita menuju ke Maritimo dan kita pulang ke Kowloon.
Sampai di Kowloon, yaaaaaaaa ternyata benar, deket banget sama hostel kita hahahaha. Cuma ikutin aja arah dan petunjuk lambang MTR yang ada di papan – papan. Bravo.

Day 7 – Shenzhen, Victoria Park, Tin Hau St (12 Agustus 2016)

RENCANA perjalanan hari ini sih mau bermain – main di Shenzhen, ke Window of The World, Splendid China, dll. Berbekal ilmu dari blog – blog dan beberapa website, kami pun ke Shenzhen dengan menggunakan MTR dan kemudian exit di stasiun Lo Wu. Nah setelah itu, barulah meminta

Day 8 – Argyle Street, HKIA (13 Agustus 2016)

Day 9 – Jakarta (14 Agustus 2016)


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